Your life goes on after a divorce and a substantial change in either your circumstances or those of your former spouse may make some aspect of your divorce agreement outdated or in need of modification. Typical examples of a change in circumstances may include a loss or change in employment, increased expenses, increased needs of the children, remarriage and moving to a new location.

Even if you didn’t utilize mediation services for your divorce, you may want to take advantage of the financial and emotional benefits of the mediation process for any modification issues you face after divorce. Before you decide to file an action with the court, you and your former spouse may make the effort to resolve your differences in the privacy of our conference room.

When an agreement on post-divorce modification is reached, it is signed by both parties and notarized.  The modification is then filed with the family court that issued the original order for the Judge’s approval. Usually when both parties submit a modification agreement to the court, a court appearance is not required.

For most issues, mediation can be an excellent method to help divorced couples reach agreement for post-divorce modifications. When you mediate a divorce in our offices, we encourage you to include a mediation clause in your agreement. This provision ensures that your former spouse will not serve you with a summons to appear in court before you have the chance to resolve your issues outside of court.

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