Divorce Mediation

There are two ways in which a divorce can be granted in Massachusetts – by agreement or as ordered by the Court.  Most divorces in Massachusetts are filed as a no-fault divorce, meaning simply, the moving party believes the marriage has suffered an irretrievable breakdown.  A divorce can proceed in a contested manner, whereby the parties or their attorneys litigate the case before a Judge.  The Judge will ultimately determine what the parties’ rights and obligations will be after the divorce.

Other cases proceed in an uncontested fashion whereby the parties, with the assistance of their attorneys, or a divorce mediator, formulate a Separation Agreement that outlines the parties’ rights and obligations, post-divorce.

Divorce mediation is the process by which a couple actively participates in ending their marriage and developing an agreement concerning their children, finances and property. Sometimes a couple has a general plan or concept of how they would like to settle their case, but there are missing pieces, or they are not quite sure if what they are trying to do is feasible or addresses all issues.  Our trained divorce mediator has assisted parties to translate those verbal agreements into written contracts that will be accepted by the Court.

When you present an agreement to the Court, the Judge must make a determination that the agreement is fair and reasonable and that it adequately provides for the care and maintenance of any minor children. Our trained divorce mediators will assist you in drafting an agreement that will reflect your wishes, but also meet the Court’s approval.

Our staff will complete all of the necessary paperwork to file a Joint Petition for Divorce, and prepare a comprehensive agreement that will address all issues, like – custody, parenting time, support, division of assets and liabilities, health insurance, taxes, college expenses for the children, real estate and personal property.

If you and your spouse are interested in avoiding the lengthy and costly process of litigating your divorce, please contact the office to get more information on how divorce mediation can work for you.

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