Contempt Actions

A Court Order, whether temporary or final, entered by agreement or by the Judge, is a legal obligation to both parties.  When one party purposefully disobeys that order, the other party can seek the Court’s assistance by filing a Complaint for Contempt.

A contempt action seeks to force a party to obey the Court’s Order, and can request reimbursement of attorneys fees.  A contempt action can be filed to enforce any order, including but not limited to child support, health insurance, alimony, visitation or property division.

Sometimes, another party frivolously files a contempt action against another, or there are extenuating circumstances that would dissuade the judge from finding a party in contempt.

At Fraier & Maillet, whether you are seeking to file a Complaint for Contempt or a Complaint has been filed against you, we will review the Order, Judgment or Agreement with you to assess whether an action is proper, and whether reimbursement of attorney fees may be in order.

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