Alimony is the payment of support from one spouse to another, the amount and length of which is determined by agreement of the parties or by the Judge.  The underlying standard in determining an appropriate amount of this type of support is a spouse’s need for payment from a spouse who has the ability to pay.  The statute, on which the Court relies to determine whether alimony is warranted in a particular case, is expected to change, in part, in January of 2012 with the passage of the Alimony Reform Bill.  While it remains uncertain how the Court will respond to the Alimony Reform Bill in their decisions, we now have some legislative guidelines to assist the Court in establishing the length, amount and type of alimony order implemented.

A consult with Fraier & Maillet will result in a review of the particular circumstances of your case in order to assess the likelihood that alimony will be ordered in your case, as well as the projected amount and length of the order.

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