Fraier & Maillet has built a reputation as one of the leading family law firms serving Worcester County and the Metro West area. We are well respected for our approach to protecting our clients in their family law matters. Our office will assist you in scheduling a flexible time, at your convenience, for you and your attorney to have a confidential consultation.

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At our first meeting, we will review your circumstances, address your concerns, and develop a strategy in order for you to take the next step. Depending on the circumstances, we clarify the law with respect to important issues such as custody, support, visitation and property division. We will advise you as to what you can expect will occur and how the law will deal with your particular issues.

Fraier & Maillet has handled thousands of family law cases and we will provide responsive, client-centered and results-driven legal strategies. Our goal is always to protect your interests, while ending the process with your respect and sanity intact. To schedule a legal consultation with Attorney Jane Fraier or Monique Maillet, please call our law firm at 508-393-3525 or email us directly.